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Extensions and Renovations

So whether you want a simple extension or a complete architecturally designed home renovation, our award winning team guarantee that you, your family and your friends will be amazed with the quality of work and customer service you receive from Rococo Homes.

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What Our Client’s Say…

Home Renovations Toorak, Moorabbin

When it comes to high-calibre extensions and renovations for your home, you can rely on Rococo Home’s unparalleled expertise. Our wealth of experience in providing Melbourne home-owners with quality extensions, makeovers and complete renovation overhauls means that we know how to deliver client satisfaction. Wayne Dobson, owner of Rococo Homes, has relied on a number of key professional practices through his 40 years in the building industry. Over this time, he’s worked on countless extensions and home renovations in Toorak, Moorabbin, South Yarra and many more of Melbourne’s surrounding suburbs.

A key value of successful house extensions and renovations is listening to clients’ exact needs, and involving them in every major stage of preliminary planning. These types of build can be a huge investment, and ensuring that you’re happy with what you’re paying for is one of our top priorities. With your input, our team of designers can develop a project plan that’s tailored to how you intend on using the space – whether you’re revamping old space with renovations or creating new space with house extensions. Chadstone, South Yarra, Toorak, Berwick and surrounding suburbs are some of our regularly serviced areas, and have houses of all eras and architectural styles. Building quality extensions that fit seamlessly into your existing home requires a special insight into architecture – an insight that Rococo Homes has maintained over our many decades of service.


House Extensions in Berwick, Chadstone, South Yarra

When it comes to top quality home renovations, Moorabbin, Toorak and the greater Melbourne area are looking for a renovation company that take their comfort, convenience and scheduling into account. In Rococo Homes’ preliminary planning, we’ll discuss how renovating or building extensions will affect your home, and how we can best reduce our impact on your home life. We ensure that all of our work is finished on time, on budget and in strict accordance with what we’ve mapped out for you during planning. With a Rococo Homes renovation, you know you’re getting what you pay for.

We’re proud to provide the top quality house extensions Berwick, South Yarra and surrounding areas bank on as a smart investment for their property’s market value. Adding extra living space, bedrooms or utilities can drastically boost the appeal of a home, and make it stand out amongst others in suburbs with competitive real estate. Our leading house extensions in South Yarra and our smart, cost-saving house extensions in Toorak’s competitive market have helped our valued customers increase their returns when they’ve gone on to sell their fantastic, updated homes.

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