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Unit Development Testimonials…

“Mr Wayne Dobson was the foreman for my development comprising 15 units with underground car park located in St Kilda. He came to the job midway, as we had experienced many problems with the previous foreman.
Mr Dobson put the job back on track, and with his skill and professionalism he took the job to completion to the satisfaction of all concerned.
I would highly recommend Mr Dobson and his skills and dedication, as well as his ability to deal with the various trades people and professionals on the building site, were crucial element to the success if the project.”

George Shkolnik


“Republica Pty Ltd is a project development company involved in a number of residential and commercial properties. It has engaged Wayne Dobson and Rococo Homes to build and supervise a number of different residential projects.
We have found Wayne to be highly competent and to have a range of contacts and skills. We have also been very impressed with the quality of contractors he is able to engage and the working relationship he has with them. He has sourced very competitive quotes from various trades and has a good ability to solve construction problems as they arise.


Several of our projects have been remarkably complex and Wayne has been able to work his way through this. One of the highest compliments we can give Wayne is to note that he is now in constant demand from those people who have been introduced to him by works he has rendered for us in the past.


We continue to engage Wayne as our first choice for all future projects we are undertaking.”

Bruno Charlesworth

Republica Pty Ltd

“My name is Ned Rajic and I am at present the director of Tenner Pty Ltd. At present I am completing a 14-apartment project in Elwood. Wayne Dobson was employed as site manager from August 200 to May 2001.
Wayne’s knowledge of the building industry and regulations was apparent from the first day on the job. The Elwood project was moving quite slowly up until the time Wayne was employed. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty to get the project on the right track. His experience and expertise have facilitated the progress of the project.”

Ned Rajic

Director Tenner Pty Ltd


Unit Developments Melbourne

If you’re looking for experienced residential unit builders that are committed to delivering quality development on time and on budget, Rococo Homes is the service for you. Locally owned by Wayne Dobson, a building and renovation specialist with 40 years’ experience in the industry, Rococo Homes offers truly exceptional unit developments. Melbourne’s leading development enterprises have called on our expertise for help with designing, planning, project managing, and construction. If you’re interested in seeking our help, call us now on 0418 120 912.

Unit development offers the potential for fantastic return on capital investment – but the key to achieving this is quality building that’s done with precision and cost-effectiveness. At Rococo Homes, we’re residential unit builders that understand the common traps other development builders might fall into, and are able to dodge them to save you time and money. We offer in-depth planning during preliminary project stages to identify any obstacles, issues and potential construction problems before they occur, so contingency plans are in place to prevent any scheduling delays. In doing so, we offer fast unit developments so Melbourne investors aren’t left waiting.


Residential Unit Builders

We also help you gain all necessary council approval, and identify potential red-tape or bureaucratic obstacles early on. This streamlines construction and building development - and by cutting down on on-site delays while all necessary boxes are ticked, we could help save you a significant chunk of your investment capital. For timely unit developments, Melbourne can rely on Rococo Homes – the residential unit builders with decades of experience.

Experts in project management, we source the best allied professionals and trade workers for comprehensive construction work, and ensure that clear and timely communication is maintained between all on-site works and the development team. If you’re interested in professional unit development from Melbourne’s leading residential unit builders, call Rococo Homes today on 0418 120 912.